Centre for in situ Observational Oceanography

UP Student Project NZG/SANBI - 2019

The project

As part of their curriculum, second year engineering students from the University of Pretoria (UP) have to complete a one-week community project and present the results to a faculty jury. The evaluation is added to the students year end marks.

Every year, numerous PAAZA facilities are asked by eager students for project ideas that they could help with. They offer to build, repair or revamp anything that could fit in their limited budget and time frame. This year, a team of four students were very keen to add value to the artificial nest project for African Penguins particularly for the ex-situ populations.

The team was supervised by a scientist throughout the whole project. The students needed to first learn the components and process before starting the building of the nests, in order to produce as developed compliant nests.

The resulting manufactured nests will be distributed to PAAZA zoos and aquariums which are holders of African Penguins and which require artificial nests for their enclosures, starting with the facility who provided the facilities for the manufacture : the National Zoological Garden of South Africa (NZG), Pretoria.

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