Centre for in situ Observational Oceanography

Transponder Data Entry

Each transponded/microchipped animal must be recorded onto the national database in order to provide adequate species information. Before proceeding to the data entry points below, ensure that you have the following information :
- Transponder number
- Name of person transponding the animal
- Facility who ordered the transponding
- Locality of transponding
- If the transponding is part of a rehabilitation process, date and locality of release.
The form will not be submitted without all fields being completed.

Once you have all the information, please select your relevant species below to access its data entry point.
Please note : Data is species specific. Please ensure that you have the correct species selected before entering data.

To enter data, you need to be a registered and approved user. Please contact executivedirector@zoosafrica.com.

Marine species

African Penguin - Spheniscus demersus
Green Sea Turtle - Chelonia mydas

Fresh water species

Pickersgill's Reed Frog - Hyperolius pickersgilli

Terrestrial species

Cheetah - Acynonyx jubatus
African Lion - Panthera leo
Radiated Tortoise - Astrochelys radiata
Clack-footed Cat - Felis nigripes
Pygmy Hippo - Choeropsis liberiensis
Red Panda - Ailurus fulgens
Leopard - Panthera pardus
Southern Bald Ibis - Geronticus calvus
Cape Parrot - Poicephalus robustus
Grey Crowned Crane - Balearica regulorum
Blue Crane - Anthropoides paradiseus
Sungazer - Smaug giganteus
African Wild Dog - Lycaon pictus
Cape Vulture - Gyps coprotheres
Shoebill - Balaeniceps rex
Wattled Crane - Bugeranus carunculatus
Southern Ground Hornbill - Bucorvus leadbeateri